Slavoj Zizek: Thought ‘transparency’ is biggest threat to our freedom today

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In reference to my last article: I think well-connected people like the philosopher Slavoj Zizek know what is going on and look at what is going on with great unease. But the collective silence cartel is still holding. Even though I think I have read the first critical voices in mainstream media like the NZZ, one of the flagships of European quality journalism, about certain basic assumptions behind targeting.
Here is a quote from the article linked below:

I see it as the biggest threat to our freedom. We will literally become transparent. Let’s think about the everyday consequences of this. All flirting will be out. I meet someone and instead of all the lovely games of erotic hints she can read ‚I want to go to bed with you‘ and the eroticism will disappear.

Here the Link to the article:

I would like to expand on Zizek here from the perspective of a TI. Even if you can live with the fact that all thoughts are transparent, you can shape them like anything human – torture and mind control even make that impossible.

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