What Targeted Indivuals Can Do?

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Many Targeted Individuals wonder what they can do. In this video Brian Tew gives a few answers. In my opinion, Brian Tew is one of the most trustworthy whistleblowers in the entire victim community. He also has very good knowledge of the technology used. Unfortunately there are a lot of disinformations in the community. And also I may have believed – also here on this website – one or the other Disinformation Agent. I am not perfect and learn about the phenomenon every day. Brian Tew may be wrong about some points, but he is not a disinformation agent. He is highly intelligent and tells the truth.

How do I know that he is telling the truth I have over 17 years experience as a Targeted Individual and much of what he is telling coincides with my experience. In my opinion you can also see that he is being tortured. The last but most important argument is Occam’s razor. Occam’s razor is the principle that states that simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones. And Tew argues in the world we know, in which we live, and explains concretely who is behind it and how they implement it.

Here is the video of Brian Tew. In the YouTube description of this video you can find more tips.

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