Washington Post: Was an NSA Agent attacked with microwave weapons?

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The prestigious Washington Post reports about NSA agent who claims to have been attacked with microwaves and thereby developed Parkinson. An accident at work, so to speak.

Excerpt of the article: „Eventually, Beck read a classified intelligence report that convinced him that he and his co-worker on the trip were likely the victims of a covert attack that led to their illnesses — and that has prompted a highly unusual workers’ compensation claim.

Beck believes that while he and his colleague were sleeping in their hotel rooms, the hostile country, which he cannot name for security reasons, deployed a high-powered microwave weapon against them, damaging their nervous systems.“

Here you find the full article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/was-a-spys-parkinsons-disease-caused-by-a-secret-microwave-weapon-attack/2017/11/26/d5d530e0-c3f5-11e7-afe9-4f60b5a6c4a0_story.html


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