The truth about the Targeted Individual Game

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I cannot speak for all Targeted Individuals, but here is my insight after about 20 years of experience as a T. I. These are uncomfortable insights, but I would like to share them with you anyway. In the following, I would also like to answer the most important questions:

  1. Why am I T.I.? How exactly one becomes a Targeted Individual, I cannot say. There are probably different causes / criteria, which result from the following.
  2. What is the essence of Targeting? The whole thing is technology based. Behind it is a highly complex A.I., which probably exists for about 20-25 years. Besides manipulation, this A.I. also tortures the Targeted Individuals in case of unwanted behavior. Experience shows that torture usually starts at about 40 years of age. But there are also exceptions.
  3. What does the A.I. do? It manipulates your thoughts continuously. And tortures you if necessary
  4. Who is involved? Now comes perhaps the most eerie and shocking insight. First of all: normal people hear your thoughts. Not a few, many. What you think are gangstalkers are normal people who hear your thoughts. These are projected by the A.I. / technology. There is no natural telepathy, that is important to know.
  5. And why am I being tortured and manipulated? They are modern circus games like in ancient Rome. With a clear dramaturgy. Among other things, in order for this to come true, you are tortured and manipulated. Besides, it is obviously unbearable for these assholes that you might have it better than them.
  6. What is the purpose of it all? It can be assumed that it primarily has an integrative function for this system, this order. A shared tremendous secret is the strongest binding agent a system can have. Moreover, this technology also intimidates potential resistance. So in my opinion it has a dual function. Those who know this technology, are involved, or at least make themselves complicit through their silence, are inclined not to ask too much questions about other big things (keyword e.g. 9/11), but rather to remain uncritical. Besides, it serves the amusement / entertainment etc. like the gladiator games in ancient Rome.
  7. Who is behind it? I can only speculate about that. Since it is obviously a global phenomenon, it is either a NWO operation, but I’m not sure if something like a NWO really exists, but this technology would be a possible proof for it. Or it is an operation of the US government. They are the only ones who actually have the possibility to set something like this up. But the other states must of course collaborate. In this context, I refer to a Forbes article which says that 21 trillion US dollars have disappeared in the US defense budget.

I can’t give you many tips, but I have one: If they make you into modern gladiators, act like them. Be tough, no matter what that means in individual cases.  You also have to maintain your social networks and resources and ignore – sometimes – odd pieces of crap. Don’t overwhelm your close relatives, they probably don’t know what’s going on.

I wish all of you – who are in a similar situation as I am – all the best from my heart. You are the victims of this modern fascist system, which neither Orwell nor Huxley were able to grind out in their  worst nightmares. A system that pretends to have learned from history (Nazi era is obvious here in Germany, slavery or the murder of the Indians would be an example for Americans). That shits on the human rights, which are held up at each so unsuitable opportunity, with which this system boasts so openly.

Practically every country in the world (in contrast to the death penalty, for example) outlaws torture – this system tortures you mentally as well as physically – get that straight!

In this context it should be mentioned that this system is perhaps not the most brutal system in the whole history of mankind in terms of physical violence, but certainly the most brutal in terms of psychological violence. And it is also the most hypocritical and duplicitous – especially because so many people know about it – that has ever seen this earth.


P.S. Another hint for the Christians among you (I am not a believer myself): Matthew 12:30-32: „And so I tell you, any sin and blasphemy can be forgiven. But blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.“

Interpreted, one can understand by the Spirit is also the spirit of man. It is the essence of man, which, for example, can only make him take an attitude towards a possible God. In this respect, a Satanic background cannot be 100% excluded.

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