The Psychology of Torture – Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. explains

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If you are a victim of electromagnetic weapons attacks, you need to understand the psychology of torture. Because it is nothing but torture and follows to the same psychological laws. Partially even having the same goals, certainly is not about gaining information in a traditional sense, but more about the side effects of torture. Anyway, I think that torture in modern countries is never about information there are much simpler methods to acquire these – at most it’s for the purpose of extracting a confession, usually, in my opinion, even darker motives are behind modern torture.

One Goal of Torture according to the CIA Manual is to „induce psychological regression in the subject by bringing a superior outside force to bear on his will to resist. Regression is basically a loss of autonomy, a reversion to an earlier behavioral level. As the subject regresses, his learned personality traits fall away in reverse chronological order. He begins to lose the capacity to carry out the highest creative activities, to deal with complex situations, or to cope with stressful interpersonal relationships or repeated frustrations.“

Sam Vaknin explains in his video the transformation torture victims go through: „The victims, the abused, also swallows whole and assimilates the torturer’s negative view of them self. As a result, the victim is rendered suicidal, self-destructive, or self-defeating. The victim sees herself from the tortures and abusers point as worthless, subhuman, trash.

That may be one of the important motives behind the targeting besides the psychiatric diagnosis, scientific research, asset stripping etc.

One should become as subhuman as the torturers see you. And this not only done by torture, but also with other means.

All positive human qualities are suppressed – possibly strengthening cohesion among perpetrators and contributing to their peace of mind. But other motives are also conceivable.

Another important goal is regression. According to the CIA Manual, it is even the main goal of torture. Because then can be done with the victim, whatever is wanted or the plan.

Here the Video about the Psychology of Torture with Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. and Ex-Member of the Israel Defense Forces:

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of all torture techniques is according the CIA Manual to induce regression.

Here a some noncoercive techniques according to the CIA Manual, that can be also used to induce regression, but to a lesser degree than can be obtained with coercive techniques. Targeted individuals are usually also confronted with some these techniques:

  • Persistent manipulation of time
  • Retarding and advancing clocks
  • Serving meals at odd times
  • Disrupting sleep schedules
  • Disorientation regarding day and night
  • Unpatterned questioning sessions
  • Nonsensical questioning
  • Ignoring half-hearted attempts to cooperate
  • Rewarding noncooperation

„Rewarding noncooperation“ is bold because, in my opinion, this is exactly one of the important „noncoercive techniques“ that I think they apply (and Sleep Deprivation knows every Target). With TIs it’s less „Rewarding noncooperation“, real noncooperation is often punished by hard torture, but it is often wrong noncooperation, anything that drives you deeper into regression. That can be false hopes, wrong beliefs, wrong enemies, everything that takes away your independence and your realistic view of the world, which is „very normal“ for most of the people. Techniques used for this are also „Voice to Skull“ and positive signs by the Gang Stalkers (or what you see as a victory).

On the other hand, everything positive is – as i mentioned – suppressed. If you create something of high quality, nobody will like it. If you work correctly, you will be tortured.

It has been known for 400 years that torture is the least effective way to gain useful information. Especially in modern times with it’s truth drugs, brain scans, etc.. Here’s an article in the Scientific American on the subject:

In this video the psychologist Dr. Paul Marko, who unfortunately died far too early this year, addresses the subject of torture. It also covers the topic of Targeted Individuals.



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