Targeted Individuals Surveillance – High Load of Micro Tesla

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In order to monitor targeted individuals, electromagnetic waves are also used, at least partial. I have my measuring device just one day, but could already measure an extremely high load of micro tesla (µT) in front of my computer (normal values for example here: I have the device only one day, because the attacks on me with EMF weapons started in January 2017. Before that I was only ganggestalked. Every Targeted Individual should get such a device for sure. I bought mine at German Amazon (üfvorrichtung-elektrischen-magnetisches/dp/B01CZFF97G/), comparatively cheap. There are certainly better devices on the market.

Here is a photo of the device during an attack with high Coulomb (at my girlfriend’s house in northern Germany): Foto EMF high Coulomb

A new arcticle on the subject:

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