Signs of Gangstalking

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There are some typical signs of Gangstalking which are experienced by many Targeted Individuals. The following list is not exhaustive, but rather only contains the Gangstalking Methods which I know from my personal experience. My case may be a special case because I’m primarily targeted by telepathic chicane. Not all Targeted Individuals are affected by this, but many from which I was allowed to meet some also personally.

  • Terror by the neighbors. Almost every Targeted Individual reports in one or other form of terror by the neighbors. And that around the clock or just when you want to go to sleep or relax. Typical Methods are door slamming, chairs- and furniture moving, on the floor falling things, constant usage of the light switch, conversations referring to the victim in the stairway, the apartment next door or outside the window. In the case of telepathic harassment often referring to thoughts and actions of the victim.
  • Coughing and throat clearing – in the case of telepathic chicane if the victim has thoughts that are unwanted by the perpetrators.
  • Frequent barking of a small dog – in the case of telepathic harassment often if the victim hates his tormentors or threatens them.
  • Spitting in front of you / evil eyes. Frequent spitting directly in front of the victim, giving evil eyes or disparaging looks
  • Nods by unknown strangers.
  • Whistling as a sign that they can see through the victim.
  • Car doors slamming and engine howl. Serves to intimidate the victim after unwanted actions or thoughts.
  • Horn are often used for the harassment of the victim. In the case of telepathic chicane often in the case of unwanted or skeptical thoughts.

Not all Targeted Individuals are victims of a telepathic chicane, below is an example where „honking“ is used as chicane medium without telepathy.

  • ishan
    September 15, 2017

    Is gangstalking Real ?
    I mean do gangstalker know what they are doing … or they are just mind controlled .

    How can thousands and thousand of people are mind controlled

    Also how are the thoughts broadcast-ed to the gangstalkers ..?

    Is it through wtsapp or any app or TV channel through which everything about a person is braodcasted??

    • DialecticReborn
      Oktober 13, 2017

      In my opinion, a large part is under the influence of the same or a parallel weapon and control system, which, among other things, carries out attacks with microwaves on humans and electronics.

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