Raytheon – The Company behind the Microwave Oven and Active Denial System

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My girlfriend drew my attention to an interesting fact. The same company that introduced the Microwave Oven decades ago is also the company behind the Active Denial System, which is the most popular official product of the secret targeting technology. The name of the company is Raytheon which already experimented with microwaves and radar in World War II, so it may well be that the microwave oven is a by-product of their military research. Among other things, Raytheon was the main supplier of the US Army for Magnetrons in the Second World War, which plays an essential role in modern radar technology. Raytheon is also the company behind the Patriot Missile, very engaged in electronic warfare and cyber warfare.

Maybe Raytheon is also one of the companies behind the secret Targeting Technology.

Here you find an interesting Mainstream Article on Raytheon:


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