Organizational Psychologist Dr. Paul Marko interviewed by Dr. Katherine Horton

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As an organizational psychologist, Dr. Paul Marko has advised leading companies from all industries – including companies in critical sectors such as pharmacy and defense. Dr. Marko has also been active in Canadian Air Defense. He is the author of several books, such as The Postconventional Personality and Belief Magic: Decoding the Belief Matrix, which deal – among other things – with new forms of consciousness in modern times.

His summary is sobering: Hierarchies tend to increase the inefficiency of organizations and attract problematic individuals. In egalitarian forms of organization, people work more effectively, as Dr. Marko points out in various examples from his many years of professional activity. The state – in which the alone political will is necessary to create a project – is especially vulnerable to inefficient and often criminal hierarchies.

Here is the complete interview of Dr. Katherine Horton with the organizational psychologist Dr. Paul Marko, who now lives in South America (unfortunately, Dr. Paul Marko is a little quiet in the interview):

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