Nazi Methods used in Germany again

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One would think, after the million-fold murder 70 years ago, one learned at least in Germany. Me and other Targeted Indivduals tell a different story. We are again tortured and harassed in the country of the perpetrators (Land der Täter). Germany is now one hotspot for this death camp experiments. Not least, the K (Kontrolle) in MK Ultra was also a reference to German Nazi research. Typical methods are:

  • Gang Stalking (some of it electronically simulated by mind control, some real (real things are mostly for example: terror by the neighbours, imitation by dangerous guys etc., simulated by mind control of uninhabited normal people are usually coughing, throat clearing and other involuntary manifestations of life)
  • Attack with Electromagnetic Weapons (on me me usually with painful heat, painful stitches, sometimes cold, but also headaches or stomach problems)
  • Manipulation of the mobile phone (often in the final phase of the targeting) and other electronic devices
  • Fake burglaries

and more ….


Here filmed attack with electromagnetic weapons on Dr. Katherine Horton

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