Must Watch: MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program

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Here a very interesting video, based on the content of Marshall Thomas‘ book „MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program“ of 2007. The book builds a bridge from the Phoenix Program in Vietnam ( to MKULTRA up to electronic mind control and attacks with electromagnetic weapons. Also a Topic: Satanic Cults (trauma bonding, child abuse) and their ties to the intelligence community. According to the film, the switch from LSD and other biological or chemical methods to electronic means already took place back in the 1960s. A very good summary of the topic and the historical backgrounds.

Monarch Chapter 1 The Phoenix Program Monarch Chapter
2A Human Radiation Experiments 9:31
Monarch Chapter 2B Human Radiation Experiments 17:17
Monarch Chapter 3A MKULTRA 1953 23:55
Monarch Chapter 3B MKULTRA 1953 29:19
Monarch Chapter 3C Donald Ewen Cameron 36:02
Monarch Chapter 4A MKULTRA 1960 1970’s 41:15
Monarch Chapter 4B Project Pandora 47:01
Monarch Chapter 5A MKULTRA Cults 51:38
Monarch Chapter 5B MKULTRA Cults and SRA 1:02:04
Monarch Chapter 5C False Memory Syndrome Foundation and SRA 1:10:10
Monarch Chapter 6 The Trojan Horse 1:20:13
Monarch Chapter 7 Greenham Common Micowave Attacks 1:27:50
Monarch Chapter 8 Cointelpro 1:38:13
Monarch Chapter 9A CIA Blowback 1:45:10
Monarch Chapter 9B CIA Drug Running 1:53:58
Monarch Chapter 10A MKULTRA Scientists 2:00:06
Monarch Chapter 10B Russian Mind Control 2:08:59
Monarch Chapter 10C HAARP 2:16:00
EMPIRE 2:26:30

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