The Guardian: New Human Rights to protect against ‚Mind Hacking‘

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Hope for all Targeted Individuals. Civilian research has now also reached the point of reading and influencing thoughts. Because of this, the first mainstream outlets are taking on the topic. This has the potential for the Targeted Indviduals to be heard in public with their topics in the near future as well. In the following article, „The Guardian“ reports that scientists propose „new human rights to protect against ‚mind hacking‘ and brain data theft“:

Afterwards, also the link to the longer original article in the journal „Life Sciences, Society and Policy“:



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  • Brian M DeGraw
    Mai 2, 2017

    They can take all the information that I compose of, and in reflection they will miss the models. Models whose ontic claim need not be of high fidelity. If absences or incomputable motion frustrates them. It is only my own incompetence and malpractice within the transaction.
    When they are weak, I shall remain strong and lend what I can even if it is thought to have been taken.

    They could never conceal forces of the invisible, so long as instrumentalism is adoptable. Like faith as little as a mustard seed, is science’s dichotomy
    The is real and measurable. The pinhole through which we view reality should be expanded, but also audited and consented.

    Death is morbidity in some belief structures and in others it is a curiosity to be free of even the dichotomy.

    If only the users of the tech were so tolerant.

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