Gang Stalking through NLP, Sensitization and Triggering

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The following – unfortunately – a little unprofessional video explains in brief what Targeted Individuals primarily understand by Gang Stalking. In addition to fake burglaries and simple stalking by – for example – people or cars following you, the NLP method of conditioning and sensitizing the TI to certain triggers and the use of these triggers in certain situations is by far the most frequently used form of psychological attacks on the victim. The aim is to eliminate the victim’s character, to put it in a psychological state where it is incapable of action or can only act against its own interests. In the end it also often leads to suicide. Who is behind this invisible, but very serious crime, I unfortunately cannot say with my knowledge, in this regard, different scenarios are possible. The fact is that this form of psychological warfare is massively used against many people also here in Germany and therefore its very urgent to reveal this terrible organized criminal activities.

Here is a very interesting interview with the former US Army security officer Julianne McKinney, who is mentioned in the video above:

This video is not only interesting because of its desensitization tips, but also because the most important Gang Stalking Triggers are listed in it:

Last but not least. A very good video of Dr. Katherine Horton on the subject gang stalking:

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