Former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert Dr. Barrie Trower: 5G Will Devastate Humanity

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They are more dangerous to humanity than nuclear weapons. And like radioactivity they are also invisible. Only in contrast to radioactivity are we exposed to them daily: Microwaves. Former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert Dr. Barrie Trower says: 5G Will Devastate Humanity. The good news is, the technology does not necessarily have to be very dangerous, the bad news is, many people have to die – Dr. Barrie Trower compares the whole thing with World War II – until we come to a change. Many top Scientists and Doctors demand a Moratorium on 5G, too:

Industrial Countries have been developing Microwave Weapons since the 1950ies. It was first testeted on prisoners, psychiatric patients, dissidents etc. It is a 70 Trillion Dollar Industry. Everybody should see that older Video with Dr. Barrie Trower, where he talks about – among other things – the background of targeting and modern forms of mind control (even if he does not like the term mind control, because you can not control the brain):

In the second part of this interview he also points out that modern technology / mobile technology does not necessarily have to be dangerous (about 59:37). Nothings changes, cause partly they just do not want to raise doubts about the technology (as in the beginning of nuclear technology, and here is a lot more money involved), partly much of the whole technology has been captured and militarized by the states.



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