Mind Control: CIA Document on Synthetic Telepathy

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Already in 1960 it was most likely technically possible to build applications for mind control, synthetic telepathy or for „hearing voices simulation”, which fit into a tooth filling. And the responsible scientists at that time were already aware of the serious implications of this technology  – they said things like this technology is „important as Einstein’s theory of relativity“ and could cause „a „1984“ in the United States“. You find all this information in following declassified CIA document. How far the technology of social engineering by means of mind control until today has already advanced, one can only imagine or experience. Here is an excerpt from the document:

„The Honorable Allen Dulles
Director, the C.I.A.
2723 Q Street
Washington 7, D. C.
Dear Mr. Dulles,
The enclosed messages to Dr. Glennan of the NASA and to Mr. D. H. Lewis, of San Francisco, California, described briefly my original idea for a system of „electronic mental“ telepathy.“ Though the technical requirements have already been met, the process and the application are new. I hope to patent the idea shortly.
I’m sure you will agree that this concept has important implications for matters of „Security.“.
Kindest regards. Sincerely, William A. Pierce
Associate Professor of Mathematics Syracuse University Source.“

More about Professor William A. Pierce, who had a a Harvard Ph.D., and valedictorian of the University of Vermont’s 1943 graduating class: http://muckraker-gg.blogspot.de/2013/09/crimes-of-surveillance-state-victims.html

More on the CIA Mind Control Program and MK Ultra for example here: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/File:Operation_Mind_Control.pdf

Next, as restored JPGs the document (Source: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/document/cia-rdp80b01676r003700020045-3)

CIA Mind Control Document 1

CIA Mind Control Document 2

CIA Mind Control Document 3


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