DailyMail: China has built giant antennae for ELF waves

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  • China has apparently built a huge facility to transmit microwaves – five times larger than New York City
  • The facility is supposedly used for communication with submarines, but should also serve other purposes.
  • According to the WHO, ELF waves not only cause cancer, but also affect the nervous system and stimulate synaptic transmission
  • Chinese researchers fear that the emitted waves lead to hallucinations

According to the DailyMail, China has built giant antennae that emit low frequency radio waves. According to the Newspaper, the facility is five times larger than New York City. The construction period is estimated at 13 years.

The antennae transmit ELF waves (ELF = Extremely Low Frequency). These are electromagnetic waves in the frequency range from 3 to 30 Hz.

Allegedly, the antennae should be used for communication with submarines. However, this is obviously not their sole purpose. The South China Morning Post, to which the Mail refers, writes that the facility can also be used, for example, to detect mineral and oil deposits.

Possible effects of the antennae on humans

In the context of the project, which official name is Wireless Electromagnetic Method Project (WEM), potential risks to human health are also being discussed in China. For example, the South China Morning Post notes that the World Health Organization (WHO) has linked ELF waves to cancer. In addition, according to WHO, there is a risk that human nerves are affected, and human synaptic transmissions are stimulated.

In a WHO 500-page report from 2007, ELF waves are blamed for delusions, stress, sleep disorders, depression, brain and breast tumors, suicides and miscarriages.

Chinese researcher Huang Zhiwei, a professor of electrical engineering at Nanhua University in Hengyang, is less worried about the physical effects of ELF waves, but warns of their effects on the human senses.

If the frequency caused a resonance with our sensors it could be a nightmare,

Huang told the South China Morning Post.

Huang has participated in numerous military research projects on the subject. For him, this is also a personal problem because his family lives in the region where the facility is suspected.

The exact position of the facility is unknown. However, it is believed that the facility is located in the Huazhong region in central China. The antennae should have a range of 3500 kilometers. The waves should be able to pass not only the atmosphere, but also the earth’s crust.

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