85 Percent of world’s smartphones ‘weaponized’ by CIA

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85 Percent world’s smartphones have been “weaponized,” according to WikiLeaks.

Russia Today reports: „Google’s Android operating system, used in 85 percent of the world’s smart phones, including Samsung and Sony, was found to have 24 ‘zero days’ – the code name used by the CIA to identify and exploit vulnerabilities for the purpose of secretly collecting data on individuals.

This is also important for the Targeted Individuals, because not only I do assume that the mobile technology is used mostly for the attacks. Mobile phones are, in my opinion, also particularly vulnerable to manipulation by the perpetrators and the mobile phone towers provide enough energy to produce such strong electromagnetic fields. In my opinion, only normal electromagnetic waves are used, as the following video shows. Shown is an attack on my computer – the gray blanket is emf protection material – when I’m trying to share a video of Dr Katherine Horton on Facebook. The guideline value for a computer is by the way 00.2 Mikrotesla, measured was nearly 20.

This video also assumes that in majority cellphone towers are used for targeting:

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